Handling systems

In manufacturing and machining processes, workpieces and components often have to be transported and repositioned. This can either be done manually or with the help of a handling system. Our handling systems are pneumatic or electrical axle systems and fully automatic industrial robots using sophisticated pick-and-place technology. Inserting, transferring or removing - our handling systems perform all your intended tasks quickly and reliably. This is because we design and construct all handling equipment to your exact specifications. This is why you can be sure that our systems work accurately, efficiently and with maximum profitability.

Individuality and customized solutions

Handling systems from SMR Sondermaschinen GmbH not only improve working conditions for your employees, but also increase the processing and production speed of your assembly systems. To achieve this, we develop individual concepts that are based on your specific requirements and needs. Further information is available in a personal consultation. Contact us.

Gripping, positioning and depositing—handling systems

In order for handling systems to optimize work processes, reduce employee workload and improve cycle times, they must be individually tailored to the tasks at hand. This is how we have been taking care of business for many years at SMR - with customized solutions for all industries.

Versatile tasks due to optimal conceptual design

Handling systems can perform multiple tasks— if properly designed and constructed. For example, you can insert or remove components from rotary transfer machines, as well as reposition components and workpieces for further processing. To achieve this, systems are individually designed and made to order.

Clever design leads to simple operation

For handling systems to work efficiently, they must be designed to minimize manual service requirements. Autonomous or semi-autonomous handling systems reduce the worksteps of your employees, promote ergonomic work and save a great deal of time during the production process. Using our extensive know-how, we put together optimized solutions.

Integration into complex systems

SMR Sondermaschinen GmbH not only stands for the development of handling systems, but also plans and constructs assembly systems. As part of a complete assembly line, handling systems can increase the efficiency of an entire plant, thus increasing profitability. Functionally integrating these robots into the entire system is important.

SMR Sondermaschinen GmbH: individual and complete solutions for handling systems

At SMR Sondermaschinen GmbH, we have been proving ourselves as an excellent partner for industrial companies since 1991. Our designs for conveyor systems and spiral conveyors as well as special-purpose machines and handling systems are depended on by many industries, stretching from medical technology to the automotive sector. In addition to innovative and high-quality solutions, we focus on the long-term effects of our systems on the profitability of your production. In order to achieve this, we are by your side from the first brainstorming consultation about handling systems and co. Let’s get started immediately: Make an appointment today.

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