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For our company, the quality of our products has the highest priority, taking into account environmental protection and our services. The general yardstick for this is the customer. His judgement and his demands on our products and services are decisive for all areas of our company. 

Our products


To ensure that assembly systems function economically and reliably, it is important that these systems are individually planned and constructed.

Wendelförderer Foerdersystem Bewegung

Spiral conveyors have become indispensable in feeding technology. They help to sort, transport or separate smaller workpieces, also known as bulk materials.

Zentrifugalsortierer Draufsicht

With the Centrifugal Feeder BG500, SMR Sondermaschinen GmbH has developed its own design which, in comparison to previous solutions, not only works more efficiently, but also more individually.

News from our company

SMR Systempartner Fruitcore

Januar 2022 - Wir übernehmen ab sofort als Systempartner von fruitcore robotics sowohl die Integration und Einbindung des Industrieroboters in Ihre Prozesse, als auch komplette Automatisierungsprojekte mit HORST.

Vorschaubild Artikel

- Schnittstelle IO-Link reduziert Aufwand für die Verkabelung deutlich -

Vorschaubild Artikel

Vielfältiger Maschinenbau
- Von der Feinwerktechnik zur Industrieautomation -

Who we are

Over twenty-five years of experience in special-purpose machine construction speaks for itself: Since our founding in 1991 at the former site of Uhrenwerke Ruhla, SMR Sondermaschinen GmbH has stood for innovative ideas, custom engineering and individual support.

Christian Wüst
Christian Wüst

Christian Wüst

Business Executive SMR GmbH

Karl Mack Geschäftsführer
Karl Mack Geschäftsführer

Karl Mack

Senior Business Executive Mack Group

Thomas Mack Geschäftsführer
Thomas Mack Geschäftsführer

Thomas Mack

Business Executive Mack Group